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A lifetime of loving animals

Nicole has been passionate about animal welfare and the natural environment from a young age. She completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management in 2015 and has strong knowledge of the many wildlife and environmental issues within Australia.

Nicole says “I have been vegan for four years and during this time have been actively educating myself on the many animal harm issues including intensive farming, live export, companion animals, testing on animals, greyhound and horse racing, and animals in captivity, and believe I have good knowledge of these issues.

Nicole is on both the Animal Justice Party WA and Stop Live Export committees, undertaking the role of Treasurer.

“I also volunteer with Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary and have volunteered with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. For the last for years I worked for animal welfare organisation, Free the Bears, as their volunteer and fundraising officer, which exposed me to international wildlife issues.

“The skills I gained which will assist me as an AJP candidate are leading and coordinating volunteers, nurturing relationships, organising fundraising and outreach events, letter writing and public speaking. I currently attend Toastmasters to continually develop my pubic speaking skills. I am also on their committee as Membership Officer. I am passionate about making legislative change and will work hard to get a seat to influence change to animal protection laws.”

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