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A decade of fighting in Freo

Katrina is the national Vice President and the WA State Convenor for the Animal Justice Party. She was the lead Senate candidate (WA) for the 2013 federal election. 2014 Senate re-election, and the 2016 federal election, and ran for the Legislative Council in the South Metro Region in the 2017 WA state election.

Katrina is also the Campaign Manager for Fremantle community organisation, Stop Live Exports, and has been involved in that campaign for 12 years, and is a very active animal advocate and activist. She was actively involved in the WA No Shark Cull movement which saw the Barnett government shelve plans to trial lethal shark drum lines off Perth and South West beaches for three years. Katrina also sat on the Animals Australia Executive board as the WA representative for four years and still works closely with them.

Born and raised in Sydney, Katrina has lived in Western Australia for 27 of her 56 years and is a horticulturist by trade, having spent 17 years working on native plant breeding programs at Kings Park and Botanic Garden, before giving up that career to do more for animals via Stop Live Exports, Happy Hooves Farm Sanctuary and the Animal Justice Party. She lives and works in Coogee and Fremantle, sharing her house with two rescue budgies and fostering a Rainbow Lorikeet.

“Whilst laws (or the absence or weakness of them) allow the exploitation of animals and in fact excuse it when done on an economic basis, people will exploit animals – it’s human nature. Change will come eventually with more people waking up to intrinsic value of animals and their right to a life free from human intervention, but we need legislation and political process to hurry it along, and that’s why we need the Animal Justice Party.”

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