Animal Justice Party Western Australia VolunteersAfter you’ve joined the party, if you are serious, committed, and really keen to get involved with fundraising and outreach (raising public awareness of the party), as well as campaigning against issues that continue to place animals in harm’s way, get in touch with us!

We have a general committee, a fundraising committee and a dedicated group of volunteers, but we need to expand that group, so we can reach more people, and we’re always on the lookout for new ideas.

Our current priorities are:

• building the membership
• raising public awareness about the party – who we are and what we do, by participating in events and holding street stalls
AJP Western Australia Volunteersraising public awareness about animal cruelty issues – think greyhound racing, 1080 poisoning, wildlife culls, factory farming, puppy mills, live animal export etc. as well as promoting cruelty-free living
• fundraising for the next federal and state elections
• identify more suitable candidates willing to run for state and federal election
• working with the newly elected Labor Party to encourage them to take animal protection seriously
• whilst we work closely with Animal Liberation WA, we’d like to have that relationship with every animal rights/welfare/protection/rescue group in the state

If you think you would like to join us in furthering the Animal Justice Party in WA, please contact Michael Anagno, AJP WA Convenor.

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