The Animal Justice Party welcomes reports that New York City Council has established a dedicated Animal Welfare Office within the Mayor’s Office and hopes that other governments take notice.

Councilman Brennan, sponsoring the motion, explains the idea. “They say the greatness of a society and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. That’s why, in a truly humane city, animals cannot be treated as an afterthought.”

The establishment of the office means that animals are on the political agenda in New York and will receive greater attention from government officials, as they should. The office will be the go-to place for animal issues, becoming a hub of expertise on policy decisions affecting animals. Tasks will include community education, advice on budget allocation, and consulting other government decision-makers.

Back home, the AJP advocates for an Independent Animal Protection Agency in each state to truly look after animals with a national Animal Rights Commission coordinating efforts on education, research and advocacy. By establishing independent offices and agencies tasked with protecting animals and advocating their interests, we can make sure their needs are finally addressed by politicians.

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