AJP Greyhound Better Life For All FINAL 21Oct2015

The Animal Justice Party would like to congratulate Qantas for ceasing its racing greyhound freight services to East Asia. They did this as a result of the revelations on the ABC 7.30 Report http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2015/s4369266.htm . This harrowing report was compiled after an excellent investigation of the business by Qantas and Animals Australia.

The Indian Government had earlier written to the Federal Government to stop the trade in greyhounds because of the cruelty involved, however the Australian Government refused. Barnaby Joyce, in another odd explanation by the agriculture minister, said on ABC Radio National that he had no control over what happens in other countries when greyhounds leave Australian shores. Well of course Barnaby, but all you have to do is stop the export of these animals.

Yet again it is left to individuals and business in Australia to lead the way in protecting Australian animals. Other examples where business is taking the lead include supermarkets challenging agri-business to reduce the use of sow stalls and the quantity of caged eggs produced, despite government opposition to these moves.

Two other areas where the Turnbull Government, we are told its a government for the 21st century, has already significantly failed animals include negotiating with Indonesia for a dramatic increase in the live trade in cattle and providing financial support for the unbelievably violent kangaroo killing export industry. As the Australian Government ramps up its support for animal abuse in the name of a few extra dollars in the pockets of a few, it is vital we have a strong Animal Justice Party campaign in this country to create a better life for all.

Live Export of Greyhounds
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