Impossible Foods┬áis that remarkable company making a vegan burger that tastes so much like meat that hard-core meat eaters will want to eat it simply for the taste, regardless of how little they care about animals. These people are an important component of the market. We might like to think everybody cares about animals and animal suffering, but they don’t. An even bigger component of the meat buying public does care, in theory, about animals, but has a ready capacity to not think about something when it isn’t in their face.

The best source of news on Impossible Foods is the meat industry itself. They are watching its every move. Most recently they reported a US$75 million investment injection by key stake holders on the news that a key ingredient of the burgers has passed safety tests and been given a patent. The company is working on a factory to produce 12 million pounds of burgers a year … which isn’t much (about 5,454 tonnes), but it’s a great start. They have also produced a sustainability report, comparing the resources used to make their burgers with meat burgers. Their burgers produce a 1/3 to a 1/9th of the CO2, use a 1/4 of the water and between 1 and 5 percent of the land used to grow beef feed crops.

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