A petition calling for justice for a wombat stoned to death by an off-duty policeman in South Australia is approaching 300,000 signatures. The campaign is being driven by the Wombat Awareness Organisation, a group in SA which rescues wombats, including orphans and has been advocating for many years for these wonderful Australian animals.   This incident was particularly graphic, but hundreds of thousands of animals suffer slow deaths or injury at the hands of hunters of many kinds in Australia; in clear violation of the spirit of our animal welfare legislation.  AJP wants a total overhaul of that legislation and clear bans on activities which necessarily violate it. Every state in Australia has laws prohibiting cruelty to animals, but also allows cruelty by pro-cruelty groups like duck and quail hunters; as well as people who get a kick out of shooting animals using bows.  Mostly these activities fly under the radar and get little publicity. For a more detailed analysis of this latest outrage, see this article.

Photo: Leon Gross, Wombat: Willow, a rescued orphan now living wild.

Hundreds of thousands call for wombat justice
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