The first of an awesome lineup of guest speakers has been announced for this year’s AJP National Conference (online). Former U.S. Presidential & U.S. Senate candidate for the Humane Party, Clifton Roberts, has been vegan for 23 years and a strong supporter of the Humane Party, a young political party based in the United States. His support of the party has included:

  • Two rotations as the Humane Party Staff Coordinator (CEO)
  • A run for U.S. President in 2016

We are honored to have Clifton Roberts presenting at this year’s AJP National Conference where he will share:

  • The importance of running for political office under political parties that represent the voices of all sentient beings.
  • His personal experience in running for office, what worked, what didn’t, and areas of improvement and opportunities.
  • The importance of supporting animal/environmental rights-friendly political factions through various methods beyond financial support

Stay tuned for further news about our inspiring guest speakers presenting at this year’s AJP National Conference!


First Guest Speaker for Annual Conference 2021
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