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The Policy Working Group (PWG) is a volunteer sub-committee responsible for formulating and reviewing policy in line with the AJP’s mission and direction from NatCom. The PWG creates new policies relating to animals and nature; new positions relating to human social issues; and new policy fact sheets while routinely reviewing and updating existing documents. We anticipate being more involved with local election campaigns as teams tailor national policy into localised and contemporary election campaign platforms or election commitments.

The PWG proactively develops material and responds to queries and suggestions from internal stakeholders. Drafts are passed by NatCom after which they are sent to the Delegates for comment. After further collaboration between PWG, NatCom and the Delegates, they are published.

We are seeking three new members to join the PWG and help us with these tasks. All applications will be considered and members interested in policy development and improving the party platform are encouraged to apply. The group works by allocating tasks and reporting back on a weekly basis typically with different members taking on separate roles over the cycle of policy development (e.g. you will research and write while another member reviews your work and vice versa).

Eligibility & Suitability

  • A member of the Animal Justice Party committed to the mission and values of the party
  • Respectful and collegial; able to have robust conversation and be comfortable with having your ideas challenged
  • A passion for research
  • Writing skills
  • Optional: experience in academia or experience with policy development
    • Economics
    • Health
    • Animal Behaviour
    • Ecology
    • Biology
    • Law
    • Social Sciences
    • Others
  • Available for weekly Monday night meetings via Google Meet

To apply, submit a draft policy (policy and key objectives only, not a detailed fact sheet) and a draft position-statement to policy@animaljusticeparty.org by 30 June 2020.

Please include a short statement in response to the criteria above what you’d like to achieve while in the PWG. View examples of AJP policies and positions.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact Lindon: lindon.cox.ajp@gmail.com

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