The Animal Justice Party has just won its third seat in Parliament and its second in the NSW Legislative Council.

Candidate Emma Hurst did pretty much exactly what Mark Pearson did in 2015. She came off a modest first preference vote to pick up preferences from a broad section of the community. There are no “voting tickets” in NSW, which means deals between parties for preferences are of little consequence; because parties cannot direct where preferences of voters go. Parties can, at most hand out “How to Vote” cards and hope to influence voters.

With voting tickets it was possible for a person with a tiny amount of support, as revealed by a tiny first preference vote, to be elected. Without them, a candidate needs a solid flow of second and third preferences from voters. This is a much surer way of ensuring that nobody can be elected without substantial community support.

Congratulations Emma and we look forward to your work for animals in the NSW Parliament.





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