The date has been announced for this year’s AJP National Conference which will once again be held online. This year our theme is broad and ambitious:

‘Politics: What is it Good For? Absolutely Everything!’

  • In this year’s conference we aim to showcase the many and varied ways in which politics is important. Tickets will soon be on sale for the event of the year which will include:
  • Inspiring updates from our elected state MPs Andy Meddick, Emma Hurst, and Mark Pearson
  • Meeting our new elected local Councillors from Victoria
  • Big picture insights from our President and State Convenors
  • Preeminent keynote speakers and presentations from other experts in the political, animal rights and related arenas
  • Some lighthearted sessions just for fun!

So, SAVE THE DATE (Nov 20th-21st)


(This is a members only event)

2021 National Conference (November 20-21)
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