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Vote for a kinder Tasmania

We are the only political party dedicated to the protection of animals and nature. With your vote we will:

  • End greyhound racing
  • Ban the sale of all animals in pet stores
  • End factory farming
  • Introduce humane, non lethal methods of population control for introduced animals
  • Establish an Independent Animal Protection Agency
  • Transition to more sustainable agricultural practices
  • Stop culling native wildlife
  • Ban unlicensed breeding of companion animals
  • Ban single use plastic bags, straws, and utensils
  • Create more recycling facilities with incentives for re-use of materials

Our candidates

We are proud to introduce our kind and compassionate candidates:

Sharon McLay
Candidate for Lyons

Sharon is a retired firefighter who lives with her husband and sheep in Gray Tasmania, in the electorate of Lyons. She is passionate about kindness, positivity and hope to all animals, including the human variety.

During her 28 years as a firefighter she performed roles including road rescue, Emergency Medical Response, (EMR), Fit to drive, youth road safety delivery to high school students, Building Inspection and compliance, and juvenile Fire awareness and intervention out- reach, before ‘retiring’ at the rank of Station Officer.  She also worked with the United Fire Fighters’ Union to improve community safety outcomes and ensure a better standard of fire cover for all Victorians

She currently helps her husband with the property and farm stay accommodation business.

Her interests include sheep, learning about sheep, caring for sheep, the Essendon AFL club,

gardening, cooking and writing. 

Tim Westcott
Candidate for Clark

Tim is a software developer, small business owner, and animal advocate living in Glenorchy.  He has advocated for animals for many years, having been involved with everything from education campaigns to direct animal care on a farmed animal sanctuary. He has decided to stand as a first time candidate after becoming frustrated with the failure of Tasmania’s elected representatives to bring about meaningful improvements in the lives of animals.

Susan Woodbury
Candidate for Bass

Sue continues to address animal rights issues because quite simply, it is the right thing to do as they are not here for our benefit nor do we need to abuse them to survive.  Animals are our equal and deserve the freedom to live as naturally as their species dictates. Sue feels that acceptance of animal rights abuses also leads to acceptance of human rights abuses, as they are explicably linked.  Realising that real change for animal rights issues can only be achieved through the political process, she is once again standing for the only political party using its voice for animals, a party creating policies based on its core values of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non Violence and a party that also uses these same core values when addressing human rights and many other issues relevant in the world today.

Mark Tanner
Candidate for Franklin

Mark is a long-time animal rights advocate who shares our society’s love for animals. He understands the institutionalised cruel discrimination that the government imposes on animals daily and is prepared to effect real change from within. For years, Mark has spent his free time talking to the public about their animal and environmental concerns. He is well positioned to make real change to improve the lives of all animals and ensure that our environment remains strong for generations to come.

Maximise your voting power

Let’s face it, most politicians care more about staying in office than caring for our planet. When you give your primary (or [1]) vote to an Animal Justice Party candidate, you are making a loud statement that animals and nature are important to YOU. With compulsory preferential voting, politicians take note of who voters pick first. You must mark a minimum of 5 boxes to make your vote count.  Vote 1 for AJP then mark 2, 3, 4 and 5 in other boxes for a valid vote.  You can mark more or all boxes if you wish.

How you can help

  • Share this page with your friends and family
  • Vote 1 Animal Justice Party
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