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Vote for a kinder Tasmania: starting with Derwent 

We are the only political party dedicated to the protection of animals and nature. With your vote we will:

  • End greyhound racing
  • Ban the sale of all animals in pet stores
  • End factory farming
  • Establish an Independent Animal Protection Agency
  • Transition to more sustainable agricultural practices
  • Protect native wildlife and their habitats
  • Ban unlicensed breeding of companion animals
  • Link acts of animal cruelty or threats to domestic violence
  • Ban single use plastic bags, straws, and utensils
  • Create more recycling facilities with incentives for re-use of materials

Our candidate

We are proud to introduce our kind and compassionate candidate:

Ivan Davis
Candidate for Derwent

Ivan was born and raised on Kangaroo Island where his family were pioneer farmers. At age 15 he joined the Australian Regular Army as an Apprentice Musician. Even though his first two years were tough, he continued in the Army for 23 years. During that time, he achieved distinction as a musician, a leader and for a short time as an SAS trooper. After leaving the Army he was divorced, and he started life anew.

He went to university here in Tasmania and gained a B.A. During his journey of recovery, growth, and self-discovery after the Army he tried his hand at a wide variety of jobs including taxi driving, door to door sales, pruning grape vines, night supervisor in a half-way house, managing a community housing project, shop attendant, bus driver, complementary therapist, abattoir worker, labourer, close protection in an extreme environment, employment consultant, and finally an English teacher in China. While in China he wrote a book about his experiences picking up rubbish in a mountainous area, that subsequently started a local social movement.

Ivan chose to become involved with the Animal Justice Party because first, it is the only political party in Australia formed solely for the animals. Ivan believes that if we treat animals rationally in accordance with the generally held values of our society, the whole society benefits. Secondly, AJP is the only political party in Australia with a science-based policy to address climate change. That means it will not prioritise animal agriculture over a liveable climate.

Ivan want to see legislative change to improve the lives of all animals, human and non-human alike, and is particularly keen to campaign on issues such as climate change, intensive animal agriculture and wildlife protection.

Maximise your voting power

Let’s face it, most politicians care more about staying in office than caring for our planet. When you give your primary (or [1]) vote to an Animal Justice Party candidate, you are making a loud statement that animals and nature are important to YOU. With compulsory preferential voting, politicians take note of who voters pick first. If you give your first preference to a major political party, then they will not take notice, and nothing will change. To have an impact like our MPs in NSW and Victoria, Ivan needs your first preference vote to win and take office. Simply number a ‘1’ in the AJP box, and ‘2’ for your preferred major party.

How you can help

  • Share this page with your friends and family
  • Vote 1 Animal Justice Party
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