Chris Simcox candidate for Legislative Council Division of Hobart

I have been an animal rights activist and advocate for over 20 years. I started with activism in Victoria doing Duck Rescue to protect ducks from hunters in the mid 1990’s. I continued being active for animals when I moved to Northern NSW and helped start a local sub-group of Animal Liberation NSW. Since moving to Tasmania in 2004 I have continued with activism and advocacy. I became involved with Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania, an organisation that is now known as Animals Tasmania. I am the current coordinator, an event organiser, campaigner on many issues, and regular media spokesperson.

Since moving to Tasmania, my partner and I inadvertently created a small farm sanctuary. We already had several ponies, dogs, and cats. We have since added to the menagerie. We currently care for 20 non-human animals that also includes sheep, pigs, roosters and rabbits. Nearly all are rescue animals.

As an activist and advocate I have undertaken many outreach stalls, and organised and participated in many animal rights actions and events to highlight injustices for animals. I have done considerable speaking on a range of animal rights issues for both television and radio media. I joined the Animal Justice Party in 2012.

I am a strong believer in equal treatment for all species, both human and non-human. I work actively to bring an end to speciesism, and to have sentience recognised for non-human animals.

With your vote I will fight to:

  • ban greyhound racing
  • stop the slaughter of wildlife (hunting, crop protection, use of 1080 poison, roadkill)
  • end factory farming that sees millions of animals abused in factory farms (including salmon farms)
  • change the unfair Dog Control Act 2000 regarding dangerous dogs (Kodi’s Law)

On 5 May, Vote 1 Animal Justice Party



Authorised by: S.Woodbury, 21 Hampden Street, South Launceston 7249

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