Submissions close 5pm Friday 26 September 2020

Submissions to present or undertake a workshop at the 2020 National Conference are now open.

Presentations can be either 25 or 50 minutes. Workshops are 50 minutes. Please ensure your topic fits into this year’s theme: Politics Matters and within one of the three sub-themes

Politics Matters

The Animal Justice Party has grown rapidly since its inception in 2009 and has successfully achieved three MPs in a short space of time. With three Members of Parliament elected in just four years the Party is rapidly becoming a political powerhouse for animals. Our Victorian and NSW MPs are already taking huge steps forward for animals, holding the government to account, and introducing bills to end animal cruelty.

Dedicating time to unpicking different elements of why politics matters is key to building a Party that strategically grows and thrives into the future.

What does Politics Matters comprise of?

There are three major audiences in our membership who will be attending the conference. 

  1. Those who are relatively new to the party and want to get involved and get started
  2. Those who have been involved and would like to get active
  3. Those who have been active and would like to run as a candidate and get elected

Therefore presentations or workshop proposals should be framed under one of the three following sub-themes:


– Educating our members on why politics matters for animals, and how getting more members elected will mean major leaps forward for animals

– Providing members with tools that will assist when volunteering at stalls, in regional groups and during election time

– The difference between advocacy and political campaigning

– After the worldwide devastation of coronavirus, manifested from animal-origins, educating our members on why more voices for the animals in government would have been useful during this time.


– Encouraging and supporting members through giving them the tools to become more active within the Party.

– Personal development and getting people motivated on a personal scale.

– The importance of networking in political campaigning

– What are the important things members can do right now to become a leader in the community and a strong voice for animals.


– Advice from election campaign experts

– Build on the information delivered at the Victorian conference last year, by seeking advice from experts in political campaigns, social media campaigns and community/relationship building.

– Delve into successful election strategies from other parties worldwide, how to build a strong team of passionate volunteers for your campaign team, as well as educate potential candidates on important subjects such as political capital.

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