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The AJP in Western Australia has been working hard to ensure we have a substantial presence in contesting the State Election taking place on 11 March.


Candidates for the Legislative Council (Upper House)

We are running two candidates for the (Upper House) in the following regions:

North Metro
East Metro
South Metro and
South West

View the AJP Voting Tickets for the Legislative Council


Candidates in the Legislative Assembly (Lower House)

Additionally, the AJP will be running candidates in the marginal lower house seats of:

Mt Lawley and

View AJP suggested voting order for the Legislative Assembly


Click to see key AJP Policies for this election!


Please don’t vote 2 AJP, here’s why:


Kangaroo Close-UpDo you love animals but are worried about “wasting” your vote? Do you want to show your support by putting the Animal Justice Party (AJP) second? Please don’t.

Under our preferential voting system, if you vote 1 AJP, your first preference will be recorded, but, realistically, we will be eliminated during counting and your vote will “fall through” (be distributed) to your second preference. Your vote is never wasted, but your first preference will be counted and taken note of. So if you are a Greens voter who wants to show how much animals mean to you, then put AJP first and Greens second. Similarly if you are a Liberal voter who wants to send a message that animals matter to you, put AJP first and Liberals (or Labor or Australian Christians or One Nation!) second.

Second preferences are not counted if your first preference wins the seat, so your attempt to send a message by putting AJP second will fail. But first preferences are always counted and all political parties take very careful note of them.

Click here for a detailed example.

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