Kinder * Greener * Fairer

Does this sound like you?

Do you have a vision of a kinder, greener, fairer world?

And do you want to make it happen?

Then VOTE 1 AJP in the March 2018 state election, because that’s what we stand for … kinder. greener. fairer.

Meet our Lead Candidate

AJP is proud to introduce our lead candidate, Angela Martin. She is standing for the Legislative Council in the 2018 state election.

 Find out more about why Angela wants to be a voice for the animals in parliament, and why she makes such an excellent candidate.


Preferential voting

What does preferential voting mean?

With preferential voting, your first preference can be used to tell the Government what matters to you.

If you vote Number 1 for AJP, and we don’t get enough votes to be elected, then your vote will end up being redistributed to your second, and perhaps even third preference … but you will be telling the government that animal justice matters

The AJP is the only party advocating a plant based diet, and they are the only party which accepts ALL the science on climate change and doesn’t ignore the massive contribution of animal agriculture. 

For more detail on exactly what happens, see here.


News and Views

  • Press releasesA recent report shows how the US could reach up to three quarters of its greenhouse gas reduction target by eating beans instead of beef. Why is the AJP the only political party that recognises the role of meat? Read more
  • Do you think we should know how many animals are used for research and teaching is SA? So do we, but our government refuses to tell us. Please send an email asking the Minister to stop this secrecy and follow the lead of NSW and Victoria who publish annual reports. Without statistics, we have no idea whether any progress is being made in reducing animal experiments.
  • Problems caused by gambling on pokies have received a lot of press. But a recent report shows that regular betting on horse and dog races does similar damage.  Read more


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Email contact:

Postal contact: Secretary, Animal Justice Party SA, PO Box 462, Marden 5070

Meet the secretary.

Go to our Calendar of Events to find out what events are coming up in SA.

We have monthly meetings on the last Sunday of each month at 2pm at the Box Factory, 59 Regent St South, Adelaide. We’d love to see you there.


Find out about volunteering for the AJP in South Australia.

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