Samara Grumberg

Candidate for Townsville

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Email: samara.grumberg.ajp@gmail.com

Samara Grumberg is the Animal Justice Party (AJP) candidate for the electoral district of Townsville in the 2020 State Election. She has called the City of Townsville home for 14 years, having migrated here from England. Employed full time as a nurse manager, Samara finds that her background in law is invaluable to her work with the AJP and provides her with a solid foundation for political involvement. She also owns and runs a small business currently overcoming the same challenges other small business owners are dealing with in a Covid environment.

Samara pledges to represent the animals, the environment, and the people of Townsville. She will listen to voters’ concerns and fight for fairer treatment of animals so they can live free from fear, harm, and unnecessary human interference. If elected, she will actively engage the region’s First Nations people, consulting with them on environmental management techniques.

“I will advocate for greater animal and environmental protections, seek tougher penalties for those who harm animals or nature, and push for education in schools on the damaging impact that animal agriculture has on animals, the environment, and humans.” 

“I will also seek to increase funding to assist local domestic violence (DV) services to provide kennels and accommodations for DV victims’ companion animals so that victims can flee DV situations and take their companion animals with them.”

Also on Samara’s agenda is increased funding for local wildlife carers and organisations, as well as a ban on animals used in entertainment such as circuses, rodeos, and horse and greyhound racing. She will also support advocacy organisations and groups who seek greater protections for the Great Barrier Reef.

Samara provides a loving home to former battery hens and urgently wants to see battery cages abolished. She has a vision of a world where animals are not used, exploited, or killed for our benefit – a world that recognises that animals are here with us, not for us.

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