Pamela Mariko

Candidate for Kawana

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Pamela Mariko has lived in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast for 20 years. Long before that she was a regular visitor to what was one of Australia’s best kept secrets with its beautiful beaches, hills, and ocean views. Having previously run in the Council elections, Pamela is now the candidate for the Animal Justice Party in the district of Kawana. “This is one of the most beautiful places to live. We have a vibrant, forward thinking population and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”

Pamela is passionate about animal ethics, the environment, and human to human cooperation. She has a wealth of business experience in the financial services industry, project marketing, and is a freelance travel and property writer for both national media and industry journals. She is also an author of women’s fiction and nonfiction. Pamela has been a yoga teacher for thirty-five years, fifteen of which have been in Caloundra. The yoga philosophy of Ahimsa, the principle of non-violence, is for her, in line with the Animal Justice Party’s policies. “Like us, animals have a basic right to live free from violence, pain, suffering, and harmful interference.” 

Pamela wants to crack down on puppy farms and the breeding of cats and dogs. “I will work hard to phase out animal breeding facilities such as puppy mills and kitten farms, and ensure that the focus switches to rehoming the many animals in foster care and shelters that desperately need a forever home.”

Pamela is also keen to see an increase in the health of the population. “We need to move away from the current unsustainable farming of animals and towards increased horticulture providing Queenslanders with healthy plant-based meals supporting a healthier population.” Pamela will do this, in part, by expanding on the Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools to supply more plant-based options to school children and remove processed meats, known to be carcinogenic, from the menu. “Our children need the best start in life, and a healthy plant-based diet contributes to that.”

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