Maureen Brohman

Candidate for Pine Rivers

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Email: qld.media@animaljusticeparty.org

Maureen Brohman is running for the Animal Justice Party (AJP) in the Queensland district of Pine Rivers in the 2020 State election. She is dedicated to creating a better life for all. As an AJP candidate, Maureen is continuing her years of advocacy for animals, the environment and humans, with whom we share our planet Earth.

With primary school teaching qualifications, Maureen moved her family to Pine Rivers in 1988 and began dedicating time to advocating for animals by committing to actively supporting dog and bird rescue. She has pushed for positive action from individuals and groups to prevent further destruction of wildlife habitats and continues to lobby for an end to puppy farms.

From the deep belief that animals deserve to live as nature intended, Maureen acts on this commitment of  achieving protection for all animals by advocating for those who are deemed voiceless, working  for change through education and supporting groups that speak up for animals.

“I realised that the only way to protect those who cannot speak for themselves is through legislative change so  I am excited and humbled to run as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party.”

Living the AJP’s principles of Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-Violence, Maureen will stand up in Parliament for animals and nature to provide a voice where it is required. Maureen’s priorities for Pine Rivers include rewilding cleared land to increase the survival rate of present wildlife and provide the opportunity for nature and wildlife to regain their status in the natural world.

Maureen is calling for a crack down on animal cruelty by pushing for legal personhood for animals. By bringing about a stop to puppy farms, kitten farms, and dubious for-profit breeders, Maureen says every companion animal can have a loving home.  “There is no longer time for complacency or ignorance. Education and action are essential to halt the reality of what is really happening to animals and our planet. The extinction of our most vulnerable is a very real concern.”

Maureen’s teaching career of more than 30 years provides a strong foundation for her community advocacy with the AJP as a voice for animals in the 2020 State Election.

“Education is not a privilege, it is a right for all. We need to drive immediate change through parliamentary processes, education systems and programs by equipping and empowering present and future generations with important facets of life including justice for animals, the environment, and people. We need critical thinking skills to create a just and compassionate world for all.”

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