Lindon Cox

Candidate for Mudgeeraba

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Lindon Cox lived much of his childhood on Springbrook Mountain and has a deep connection to the Hinterland and its beauty. He graduated from The University of Queensland with honours degrees in law and criminology, now working in compliance. Lindon first became aware of the fragility of the natural world during the first local community campaign in 2001 to stop the Springbrook Cableway project, which would negatively impact the pristine environment and the animals who call it home. Decades after the initial proposals, Lindon is running to ensure that politicians don’t betray the community and environment by bringing the rejected Cableway project back from the dead.

Fiercely opposed to urban sprawl and environmental degradation, Lindon is committed to greater protection for nature and animals. He has a long history of volunteering in community campaigns, animal rescue, and animal rights outreach. Now he wants to be a voice for animals and kindness and take the fight to Parliament.

“The democratic system now is rigged against ordinary people wanting to make the world a better place. This is especially true while animals and nature are viewed merely as commodities or property. What we need is massive reform; rethinking how we participate in democracy and how humans co-exist in a natural world. To start, I want to be a voice within Parliament representing those who would otherwise be ignored – especially animals.”

Other campaign goals for Lindon include supporting those who rescue wildlife and doing more to fix the current climate and biodiversity emergency. “What we have is a massive opportunity for the Queensland Government to invest now and save later. If we start working together today, tackling the underlying causes while supporting those on the frontlines managing these crises, we can really make Queensland better for animals, nature and people too.”

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