Judy Rush

Candidate for Springwood

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Judy Rush is the Animal Justice Party (AJP) candidate for the electoral district of Springwood in the 2020 State Election. Judy is committed to being a political voice speaking on behalf of animals and is determined to use it to help shine a light on the atrocities being perpetrated against them.

If elected, she will demand transparency in Parliament on issues such as animal experimentation, puppy farming and land clearing. With the support of like-minded animal lovers in the electorate, her aim is to make real and urgent changes that other political parties choose to ignore.

“I am passionate about raising awareness within my community about local and state issues around animal cruelty and how our everyday lifestyles are directly impacting the lives of innocent animals, whether they be domesticated or farmed animals, sea life or wildlife.”

Judy has lived in the area for 29 years and, together with her husband, has owned and operated a business here for the past 24 years. She is deeply connected to the community; both her children were born and raised here, attending local schools and sporting clubs.

Active in the animal rights movement, Judy wants to ensure the public are aware of what goes on behind the closed doors of factory farms and believes every Queenslander has a right to know where their food and household products come from.

“Chances are, consumers don’t know that they are inadvertently supporting animal cruelty and there are so many cruelty free choices available. Factory farms, puppy farms, greyhound racing, animal experimentation … these industries hide in the dark with the help of the state government.”

Judy also sponsors some of the rescued residents at Cranky’s FARM (Farm Animal Rescue Mission) in Queensland’s Stanthorpe; visiting them fills her with a sense of joy. “When I look into the eyes of an animal, I see a soul capable of love, their ability to feel pain and suffer, and someone who deserves love, compassion and equality.”

Judy believes it is our responsibility and duty to come together to create a kinder Queensland – for the animals, for nature and for humans – and that it’s time to demand accountability from the other parties regarding their decisions around land clearing, urban sprawl, habitat loss and animal cruelty.

“Together, let’s create a safer state for animals, extending our compassion beyond our companion animals to all living beings – ultimately putting an end to animal cruelty and suffering, not just empty promises of ‘welfare’.”

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