Heather Dwane

Candidate for Kurwongbah

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Email: qld.media@animaljusticeparty.org

Heather Dwane has had the privilege of calling SE Queensland home for the last 14 years having migrated in 2006 from Ireland. Heather truly appreciates the beauty of the Australian landscape and the unique native animals yet is also concerned by the extensive land clearing which has a profound impact on all: animals, environment, and people.  Heather is determined to protect native habitat and to call to account all those involved in the rampant destruction of the land. Heather will demand tighter controls on the amount of land that is cleared and ensure that ongoing protection of native wildlife is given highest priority when considering plans for further development. Heather will also request the state government investigate opportunities for rewilding (bringing back plants and wildlife) to enrich the natural environment for people and animals.

Passionate about the benefits of plant-based choices for human and animal wellbeing, Heather actively promotes a life whereby food choices not only improve the health of people but have a profound impact on animals and the earth. Acknowledging the harmful effects of large-scale animal agriculture; Heather supports a major shift away from these practices. Heather will discuss ways in which we can move toward a more plant-based lifestyle and support Queensland farmers who already produce so much fresh fruit and vegetables for all Australians. Farmers need support with drought-resistant crops, new ways to use our crops and local research and food processing.

“We can feel overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable problems within the world yet all the change throughout history has started with one voice declaring that they are not going to be a part of the injustice. Let our voices join and gain momentum. Together we can be a united voice for animals, earth, and people.”

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