Dominique Thiriet

Candidate for Burdekin

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Dominique Thiriet is the Animal Justice Party (AJP) candidate for the electoral district of Burdekin in the 2020 State Election. She has lived in the district for over 12 years and has a background in science, law and education. Dominique is a wildlife carer and is passionate about animal and environmental protection. She views the next election as a not-to-be-missed opportunity to make Queensland a better place, one that is more respectful of nature and all living beings.

The AJP is the only party that focuses on the protection of animals and nature and Dominique’s aim in the lead up to the election is to demonstrate how the AJP’s Ten Point Plan for a Kinder Queensland fills the gaps that the major parties continue to ignore.

“If elected, I will introduce new laws to strengthen animal protection. This will involve recognising that animals are sentient beings (not mere items of property), and removing the loopholes that allow millions of farmed animals to be subjected to appallingly cruel practices in the name of profit. Pig hunting with dogs, and any form of entertainment that relies on the exploitation of animals such as rodeos, circuses, and zoos as well as greyhound and horse racing should also be banned, as they no longer reflect modern society’s values.”

The Burdekin is a prosperous area and Dominique wants to ensure the Burdekin Basin is managed effectively to prevent unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. She will support legislation to put an end to land clearing and pledges to support farmers to transition to more sustainable practices. This will protect the Burdekin’s water, soil and native vegetation and reduce nutrient and sediment run-off into the Great Barrier Reef. Many parts of the Burdekin have been decimated by land clearing and Dominique supports extensive revegetation and rewilding projects.

“Whilst coal mining has historically contributed to the prosperity of the region, we must ramp up our transition to clean renewable energy and ensure that the mining workforce is retrained and redeployed into the renewable sector. And we must do this fast, not only because the planet is warming up at an alarming rate but because, if we don’t, we will be left behind and miss out on research and development, economic and trade opportunities.”

Dominique would like to see subsidies for the extractive resources sector reallocated to support community organisations dedicated to the arts, culture, promotion of healthy plant-based living, wildlife care and restoration of land, rivers and marine environments.

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