Darryl Prout

Candidate for Coomera

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Email: darryl.prout.ajp@gmail.com

Darryl Prout is the Animal Justice Party candidate for the electoral district of Coomera in the 2020 Queensland State election. He is also a State manager for a 100% Australian owned and operated wholesale business.

Darryl grew up in Corinda, attending local state primary and high schools before successfully completing a Master in Business Administration at Queensland University of Technology. He has lived and worked in various cities around Australia and ventured overseas in 2017, gaining invaluable international business experience. This experience in business and leadership affords Darryl a thorough understanding of economic drivers and, along with his passion for animal protection, will underpin his work towards preserving the natural world.

Darryl works in Coomera and is an active member of the community in business and animal protection advocacy, organising volunteers to educate the public about the atrocities of animal exploitation and factory farming.

He pledges to ensure the governing party is held accountable for decisions affecting animals and nature – ensuring those decisions are guided by ethics, not just money. Darryl will stand up to anti-democratic laws that silence those who advocate for animals and nature. He also seeks to secure adequate funding for community groups working on environmental projects that benefit not only people but the animals we share the natural world with, such as the development of edible gardens, halting urban sprawl and rewilding land.

Darryl also feels strongly that it is our responsibility to ensure that the environment and wildlife are preserved and protected and that the world we leave behind is in a better condition than when we found it. Not afraid of hard work, he commits to dedicating his political career to that end.

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