Darrell Redford

Candidate for Noosa

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Email: qld.media@animaljusticeparty.org

Darrell Redford, candidate for the Animal Justice Party in the district of Noosa, feels privileged to call this beautiful area his home, where he lives with his wife, two daughters, and companion animals.

Darrell is committed to enacting positive change for animals and the environment. “As a father and uncle, I am deeply concerned about the destruction of our natural habitats and loss of both land and sea biodiversity, and I am determined to leave a better world for our younger and future generations.”

Darrell has had a successful career in management within the horticulture sector, and is now semi-retired with a small tourism business. “As a manager of people, I bring with me excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to listen effectively and work in a collaborative manner, traits I believe are essential if I am to properly represent both human and non-human animals.”

Throughout his life Darrell felt an affinity with the ocean and all its inhabitants. With a keen awareness of the need to protect our most precious resource he has been a long term volunteer with Animal Justice Party, and is regularly involved in beach and local suburb clean-ups to help combat the  devastating effect plastics and other wastage are having on sea life. Darrell promises to work tirelessly to protect both land and sea animals, to staunchly oppose the continual eradication of wildlife through land clearing, and advocate for the growth of a plant-based economy beneficial for all.

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