Meet your 2020 Sunshine Coast and Noosa Shire Council Candidates

Pamela Mariko

Sunshine Coast Council
Division 3

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Pamela Mariko has lived on the Sunshine Coast for twenty years. Long before residing here, she was a regular visitor to what was ‘one of Australia’s best kept secrets’: the Sunshine Coast, its beautiful beaches, hills and ocean views.

Passionate about animal ethics, the environment, and humanity, Pamela’s background is in business, as a travel and property writer, and she is a successful author. She is also a yoga teacher of 35 years, fifteen of these  in Caloundra. Pamela is running for the AJP’s because she believes the Party’s values and policies align with the yoga philosophy of AHIMSA – non-injury to every living being, as depicted in the last chapter of her non-fiction yoga book, Yoga – Keeping it up.

Pamela believes that, like humans, all animals have a basic right to live free from pain and suffering. Pamela is campaigning for stronger local government conservation policies to protect flora and fauna, including koalas and kangaroos in developing areas. She also advocates to phase out companion animal breeding facilities such as puppy mills and kitten farms. If elected, Pamela will actively support animal shelters and promote greener modes of transport.

Snezana Redford

Noosa Shire Council

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Snezana Redford, is the Animal Justice Party candidate for Noosa Shire Council. Snezana moved here with her family, embracing wholeheartedly the beachside lifestyle and local community. She shares her home with her husband, their teenage daughter, mother whom she cares for full-time and adult stepdaughter. She is about to embark on her 3rd year of her Psychology degree, whilst volunteering for Lifeline which she finds extremely rewarding. She is passionate about helping people, possessing excellent listening and communication skills, believing a community that supports each other is one that thrives.

Her love for animals and their protection has led her to the Animal Justice Party which reflect her belief in equality for all under the law, valuing kindness, rationality and non-violence. She has been an active member and volunteer with the party for 3 years, even running as a Lower House candidate in the 2018 Victorian State Election. Snezana is passionate in helping the party grow in Queensland, particularly in the Noosa Shire, believing she shares this community with people who are as passionate about animals and the environment as her. Snezana is committed in creating a world where we can all live in harmony without harming each other and other species.

Snezana has a dog and two cats as companion animals whom she adores and could not imagine a life without animals in her home. Snezana believes that like humans, all animals have a basic right to life, free from pain and suffering and if elected she would work diligently in advocating for animals and their welfare, protecting wildlife habitats and preserving Noosa’s pristine bay and marine life. Snezana is also crucially aware of climate change and its detrimental effects on the environment. She will advocate for policies and strategies that align with conservation of our natural ecosystems and sustainable living.

Understanding a huge part of a councillor’s responsibilities is dealing with human issues, Snezana will aim to act in the best interests of all residents, be transparent and accountable with an open- door policy. She does however believe the time has come for the Noosa Shire council to have a voice for animals and the environment and will work tirelessly with other councillors in bringing about the best outcomes for this beautiful part of the world we all call home.

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