Meet your 2020 Gold Coast City Council Candidates

Rowan Panozzo

Gold Coast City Council
Division 10

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Rowan is a Gold Coast resident of more than 15 years, loving our city for the unique environment and the animals who also call it home. He is a successful and commercially savvy Account Manager. Rowan is running for the Gold Coast Council election for Division 10  to share his vision of a vibrant, sustainable and caring city.

“The Gold Coast community wants progress, but not at the expense of our environment,” Rowan says. “Council must do more on climate and should invest more in eco-tourism and support sustainable innovative business. Let’s move away from the antiquated mind-set that we must push out nature for more buildings, more roads and more light rail. There are better ways. Let’s think better, not wider.

“I aim to bring rational and innovative thinking to Council, to ensure that our community’s desire to take immediate action on the climate emergency is actioned quickly. That means changing things and giving a fresh perspective.”

Rowan is advocating for eco-tourism and sustainable local business, and campaigning for more green space and active transport options to highlight and support the region’s natural beauty that both residents and visitors treasure. From ending urban sprawl, peacefully coexisting with sharks and marine life, and transitioning to more active transport – Rowan and the AJP bring a fresh perspective to the old way of thinking here on the Gold Coast.

Passionate about ocean conservation and marine life, Rowan is a proud and active member of the Gold Coast community who cycles and volunteers in greyhound rescue. Rowan knows that the environment is our city’s greatest asset; many are drawn to the region because of the sea-side lifestyle and natural beauty. He argues that the connection between people and the natural environment is invaluable and has erroneously been overlooked by local Council decisions which have commodified and exploited animals and nature, instead of preserving and protecting them.

Scott Wallace

Gold Coast City Council
Division 13

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Scott Wallace is the Animal Justice Party (AJP) candidate for Division 13 for the 2020 Gold Coast City Council election. Scott is an Environmental Scientist, passionate educator and animal rights advocate with qualifications in Law. On a mission to encourage and inspire people to re-evaluate their relationship with nature, Scott believes we need to embed Earth-Centred philosophies and principles in our human governance systems, society and culture.

Having called the Gold Coast home for over 10 years now, Scott wants to ensure that our city will flourish and grow in a way that is ecologically responsible, understanding of people and place, and considerate to local, regional and global contexts and challenges.

As someone who treasures the beauty of our coastline and is well aware of the importance of healthy oceans, Scott is passionate about ocean protection and conservation. Volunteering for environmental protection and not-for-profit organisations, Scott is a proactive member of the community participating in initiatives that have a positive impact on people, the planet, the environment and animals.

“From the calming rainforests, to the refreshing tranquil creeks and everything in-between, the Gold Coast has rich natural environments and biodiversity that needs to be cherished and protected,” Scott said. “I envisage the Gold Coast and our residents being led and supported by an engaged council that supports the natural environment, wildlife and other animals.

“Social, economic and community development or progress must not come at the expense of the environment. It’s imperative that we strike the balance, but to do so will require us as a community to consider different perspectives and to approach some things differently, setting a new course for a shared vision. We cannot truly progress if either people or animals are being exploited, or if we allow un-democratic and corrupt processes to continue.”

“It is the Council’s responsibility to take action that contributes to a safe, compassionate, vibrant and truly sustainable city for the benefit of the entire Gold Coast community, both human and non-human. If elected, I will make action based decisions based on the AJP’s core principles of kindness, rationality, equality and non-violence to address the climate and ecological emergencies we face today.”

“It is time to acknowledge and respect the rights of all members of the Earth Community to exist, thrive and evolve.”

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