Meet your 2020 Brisbane City Council Candidates

Karagh-Mae Kelly

Brisbane City Council
Lord Mayor

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Karagh-Mae Kelly is the Animal Justice Party candidate for Lord Mayor. She is the owner and director of Doggy Day Care Brisbane and has a history in law enforcement and animal welfare. Karagh-Mae has experience as an investigator, working separately for the Federal Government and RSPCA. As a small business owner, she also understands the red tape that can block start-ups and hinder local enterprise.

A long time party member, Karagh-Mae currently sits on the Queensland State Committee and is AJP QLD’s Spokesperson for Domestic Violence and Cruelty. She has also worked in the community sector tackling this important issue.

In 2017, she first ran for the Animal Justice Party in the electorate of South Brisbane up against the deputy premier. The intense campaign improved her resolve and animal advocacy skills. Karagh-Mae also represented the Animal Justice Party in the last federal election, running for the Senate on a campaign that included educating Brisbane residents about the live animal export ships loading and operating in Brisbane. Now she wants to make Brisbane City Council a council that truly cares about animals, nature, people and our shared city.

“I want to bring to the community’s attention that there are animal and environmental issues within Brisbane that affect us everyday. My first job as Lord Mayor will be to work with all of our councillors to declare a climate and ecological emergency and develop an action plan to reverse our impact and help us prepare for what’s coming. Council should be a key player on climate action and can lead the way for business and community to follow. For example, Council subsidizes cafes for on street dining and yet we have no reliable subsidies for green or eco-friendly businesses. There’s room to do more.

“We also need to rethink how we interact with animals as fellow Brisbane residents. Our dog parks continue to be poorly designed and managed without community engagement or enough training sessions on dog behaviour. We also have inner city living without animals being allowed on buses or trains. Our city plan and infrastructure needs to consider companion animals while also protecting valuable habitat and the native animals who rely on it. ‘Concrete jungle’ planning benefits no-one, especially not animals.”

If you, like Karagh-Mae, think we need systemic change for animals and people then #Vote1AJP at the upcoming Council Election on 28 March.

Darryl Prout

Brisbane City Council
Tennyson Ward

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Born and bred in Tennyson, Darryl is driven to create a sustainable environment for all. From playing cricket for the Wests in Graceville or Australian Rules for Sherwood, to graduating from Corinda State High School and participating in the local Scouts, Darryl is a true local with a long history as an active community member. Darryl will keep Tennyson’s green space and will push Council to invest in more. He is standing up for not only Tennyson residents but also local companion animals, wild animals, and abused animals.

Darryl is a successful business manager, has a Masters of Business Administration and global experience in business. Commercially astute, he understands the economic drivers of social change and wants Brisbane City Council to invest in protecting and preserving nature by rewilding land and reversing urban sprawl.

“I am a proud member of our community but I have seen so much destruction thanks to urban sprawl and poor planning. My vision for Tennyson is a community where animals, nature and people reside peacefully in a beautiful, liveable Brisbane. When we care for our environment, our environment also cares for us.”

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