Regional locations

  • Logan (Divisions of Forde, Wright, Rankin)
  • Ipswich (Division of Blair)
  • Brisbane South (Divisions of Griffith, Bonner, Moreton)
  • Brisbane East (Division of Bowman)

What you’ll gain
Rewarding and meaningful work by developing a community and leading a region of volunteers by applying your interpersonal and organisation skills. The AJP offers a supportive and friendly volunteer team dedicated to helping animals in law and policy throughout Queensland and Australia. Our Queensland branch is run solely by volunteers who dedicate their time and skills in order to help our animal friends.

By volunteering, you’ll have a critical role in making real change for animals and lead the development of a supportive community in your region. You’ll also get to work alongside a great bunch of driven, intelligent, fun, diverse and inspiring people. You are bound to make friends with like-minded people and engage in interesting and meaningful work.

What we’re looking for
An animal lover who is a natural people person, a great connector and communicator who enjoys engaging with AJP members and the public and building and leading teams. The Regional Group Leader (RGL) position is a combination of both face to face including activities such as organising meetings, managing events and online administration. Ideally, you reside in the region that you’re applying for.

The role requires an estimated 16 hours per month with additional hours in the lead up to and on election day. You will be trained and supported by the Queensland Deputy Convenor and will report directly to the Deputy Convenor.

Role description
The purpose of the role is to establish/maintain a regional group within the division area, and conduct animal and environmental campaigns in line with the AJP’s mission. You will devise and manage events and activities for membership, volunteer and community engagement, facilitate election activity locally and fulfil other duties per the national bylaws and as directed by the Queensland Committee. Responsibilities also include:

  • Member acquisition – proactively seeking and acquiring new members to join and get actively involved through organising stalls, meetings and events
  • Member retention – calling existing and expired members, retaining member engagement
  • Fundraising (such as running raffles, selling merch etc.)
  • Manage local member correspondence – answering emails and member correspondence
  • Campaign implementation – assist the State Committee to run local animal and environmental campaigns
  • Organise and chair member meetings – keeping members up to date with party campaigns and news in addition to the monthly Member Newsletters that the AJP QLD comms team distributes
  • Provide insight, news and feedback on behalf of local members back to the State Committee
  • Stay in-tune with local political developments and advise the State Committee of these as they occur
  • Manage election initiatives in your region – during an election the workload expands for a short time, especially in the days before polling day

Temporary election roles include helping the State Committee by:

  • Distributing How-To-Vote flyers and other materials to volunteers so that they can represent the party at polling booths
  • Assigning volunteers to polling booths
  • Assisting the Party’s election campaign to maximise the number of votes locally
  • Managing campaign events like ‘Meet the Candidates’, door knocking, leafletting etc.
  • For local elections, choosing candidates and helping to run their campaigns


  • You are a current AJP member and have been for a minimum of 12 months.
  • You live a plant-based lifestyle.

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