Animal Justice Party Queensland

AJP Qld consists of passionate individuals coming together from various backgrounds and professions. We all have one major mission, and that is to make the world a safer place for all living beings on this planet.

We are aware that our mission is a tough one, especially here in Queensland, as we are the only state in Australia to have a unicameral parliament, the Legislative Assembly. With this in mind, we can still push toward change on many levels, e.g. on the street, public education, and public interaction. We have a great chance to achieve elected representatives in Local Council elections, as well as being a voice to be heard in the state elections. With the turning tide of human consciousness to a cruelty-free lifestyle, we also stand a chance of eventually gaining representation on a State and Federal Government level.

Animal Justice Party QueenslandWe face many issues here in Queensland that are very similar to every state and territory in Australia, including the horrors of greyhound and horse racing, rodeos, live export, massive land clearing, wildlife habitat destruction on a huge scale, destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, continued cruelty to all animals whether it be domestic pets or those considered to be livestock, and the list goes on.

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It’s time for us as truly compassionate humans to step up for those species that cannot speak a language that humans understand. We need to give them our voice, we need to give them their right to life. We need to step up for the future generations on this planet, in this country, and in this state. Our legacy must be of compassion and love of all life, regardless of species. We need to learn to respect our environment and not destroy it. This is the only planet we have. It’s time to get real and make the real change for the future. The future for the betterment of this planet is the Animal Justice Party.

AJP Queensland is run by a volunteer committee (QldCom). Our current committee includes: Lindon Cox (Convenor), Maureen Brohman (Deputy Convenor), Dominique Thiriet (State Secretary), Michelle Jensz (State Treasurer), Danielle Cox (Social Media and Memberships), Samara Grumberg (Media and Community Liaison) and Christine McCoy (Fundraising).

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