The Animal Justice Party is the only political party in Australia dedicated to protecting all animals. The Party was formed in 2009 and already has three elected state Members of Parliament: the Hons. Mark Pearson and Emma Hurst in NSW, and Andy Meddick in Victoria. Our MPs are already taking huge steps forward for animals, holding the government to account, and introducing bills to end animal cruelty.

The Animal Justice Party is growing rapidly and quickly becoming a political powerhouse for animals. Part of this growth is becoming active across the country with the goal of securing representation at all levels of politics in all states and territories. Another positive step towards this was the establishment of the Party in the Northern Territory last year. The Territory branch was formed by a group of Territorians that recognise the critical need for a strong voice for animals in the Northern Territory, and know the most effective way to achieve positive change for animals is through the parliamentary system and changing legislation.

In the upcoming Northern Territory election on 22 August 2020, the Animal Justice Party will be campaigning for:

  • stronger laws to protect animals from abuse and stronger punishments for people who hurt animals
  • a ban on puppy farms
  • more options for people with pets fleeing domestic violence
  • better regulations to lessen the suffering of birds and other animals who are hunted (in the absence of a complete ban on recreational hunting)
  • consideration of the impacts of animal agriculture on climate change
  • restrictions on the use of fireworks which cause harm to native wildlife and pets
  • better protections for the natural environment

It’s time for a fresh, compassionate voice in Northern Territory politics. It’s time that the Government listens to Territorians who want better protection for all animals.

Read more about our NT election campaign and meet our candidate.

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