The Animal Justice Party (AJP) calls on the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and its minister to have responsible regard for human safety in its at times cavalier approach to having kangaroos killed in peri-urban and semi-rural areas.

This follows the Dubbo office of NPWS giving commercial kangaroo killing licences for very small acreages in the White Rocks Road area of Bathurst despite opposing advice from the local Bathurst office of NPWS and local science. The firearms ballistics questions inherent in such irresponsible action should be a matter of real safety concern for local police.

The known inaccuracy of shooters in the commercial kangaroo killing industry, ballistics science, and the immediate proximity of families on small acreages make for a disasterous mix of circumstance should such irresponsible action be allowed to take place.

In addition to questions of human safety there are real questions of extreme wildlife brutality when it is known that infant kangaroo joeys are ripped from their dead mother’s pouches and bashed or decapitated by commercial kangaroo killers. The at-heel dependent joeys once their mothers are killed are left to fend for themselves to be preyed upon or die from hypothermia and renal failure.

Fair-minded Bathurst residents would not want this kind of foolhardy action and extreme brutality taking place in their backyards and on their conscious and nor would they want their families and pets put at risk.

AJP President Professor Steve Garlick said “This is just another example of the total disregard for Australia’s iconic wildlife by the NSW Coalition Government. The Animal Justice Party will be standing candidates in the March 2015 NSW election and will highlight the policies and practices of the government in causing harm to Australia’s wildlife.”

The AJP’s policies on wildlife, including kangaroos, can be found at www.animaljusticeparty.org

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