AJP preferences for the 2019 Federal Election

All political parties will now be printing their ‘How to Vote’ cards for the current election, also known as their ‘preferences’. The Animal Justice Party is running in all six states in the Senate (upper house) and in 46 lower house seats across the country.

We care about where a party or a candidate stands on animal issues more so than where they stand on a wide range of other ‘human’ issues, such as economics, social policies or other issues typically placed on a ‘Left to Right’ axis. We look at the policies of the parties, as well as their record of achievements, with respect to animals. Has their policy improved as they have been presented with the evidence of the cruelty inflicted by these practices?

The current federal government has been very bad for animals, and have made no commitments to improvements for them in the future. Quite the opposite, they have committed to the introduction of Ag-gag laws that would criminalise dissent and the work of brave whistle-blowers who expose cruelty that happens behind closed doors.

In this parliament we worked with one liberal MP to see an end to cosmetic testing on animals. We commend him to sticking to his election promise, and hope that he does more for animals in future. We cannot risk though, on behalf of animal activists, any chance of returning this government, and therefore, cannot recommend voting toward any liberal / national candidates.

The opposition Labor party have committed to the phase out of live sheep export. They have also committed to a return of the Animal Welfare plan and the introduction of an independent Inspector General of Animal Welfare. These minimal commitments are not overly inspiring, but mean that we have to recommend Labor over Liberal or National in every contest.

The Greens still stand significantly apart from the other major parties in their commitment to end factory farming and live export, and the worst of using animals for entertainment, like greyhound and jumps racing. In all Senate races we are recommending people go to the Greens ahead of the other major parties. In the lower house, we are recommending the Greens in almost all seats, and all those where they have a chance to hold or take the seat.

A wide range of minor parties are standing in this election. We have simply assessed their position on animals (where they have one, and many do not) and recommended a few with decent positions.

The most important thing we ask is for you to vote 1 AJP.

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