The AJP aims to maximise wildlife habitat by minimising the land appropriated by people, while ensuring a high standard of health and wellbeing.

Key Objectives

  1. To support land management and acquisition to protect and conserve wildlife habitat.
  2. To acquire more wildlife habitat through rewilding of land once used by animal agriculture (see our Climate Change policy).
  3. To review the policies for licensing, and the operational practices of, wildlife caring and rehabilitation groups and individuals.
  4. To encourage increased growth in and support for wildlife-based tourism in Australia.
  5. To impose severe penalties on drivers who intentionally hit wildlife, and require that drivers who accidentally hit wildlife stop and help and/or obtain assistance for injured or orphaned animals.
  6. To add wildlife sensitivity components to driver education and training programs.
  7. To invest in research and development of technologies to reduce road kill.
  8. To transition to 100 percent plantation forestry and ensure that costs of fencing out wildlife are factored into the cost of timber production. Current licensing practices that allow the wholesale destruction of wildlife must cease.
  9. The AJP believes that education, and particularly education aimed towards young people, is essential to undo the negative ideas and ignorance fostered by decades of inappropriate, short-sighted and unethical government policies.
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