We are rapidly changing the climate. It isn’t only getting warmer but less predictable. This is nothing short of a global emergency requiring immediate and substantial action. We must slow, stop and reverse the negative changes to the climate before ‘tipping points’ kick in to accelerate and take the process beyond our control.

The AJP is concerned about the impact of climate change on both humans and animals. Animals will succumb to extreme climatic events well before we do. A world that becomes 2-4 degrees warmer, or more, will kill billions of individual animals, and could eliminate a substantial proportion of existing animal species.

It is an AJP priority that urgent action be taken to address global climate destabilisation. Animal agriculture plays a major role as a cause of climate change, so a switch to a plant based diet would be a significant help in avoiding it. Globally, it is essential that we protect ocean life and marine eco-systems and decrease livestock numbers to both reduce methane and other greenhouse gas emissions and allow reforestation.

Key Objectives

  1. To rapidly transform to a carbon free energy infrastructure.
  2. To rapidly transform Australian agriculture to allow reforestation by reducing grazing
  3. To prohibit any fossil fuel expansion
  4. Implement a carbon tax on both the coal and animal agriculture industries
  5. Direct carbon taxes into clean energy solutions, sustainable plant-based food agriculture systems and education
  6. Protect existing forests and marine habitats from further destruction

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