This policy concerns free living introduced species, such as camels, rabbits, cats and foxes, and doesn’t deal with exotic species currently found in pet shops; these are dealt with in our companion animals policy.

The AJP supports the humane and non-lethal treatment of all animals regardless of where their species originated. We will support and develop programs that are in-line with this position and focus on restoring eco-systems via methods harmonious to nature such a rewilding.

Key Objectives

  1. To immediately ban the use of glue traps, leg traps and steel jaw traps in all States and Territories.
  2. To support research into non-lethal population control methods.
  3. To replace lethal biological and chemical control with the use of non-lethal techniques, including desexing, immunocontraception, relocation and other emerging technologies.
  4. To educate Australians regarding the damage that can be done by abandoned animals such as cats, dogs and other predator species, horses, pigs and non-native fish, amphibians and reptiles.
  5. To impose a moratorium on the introduction of exotic animals and disease-causing organisms.
  6. To encourage the use of physical barriers around valuable vegetation and, as an interim measure while animals are farmed, to allow the use of guard animals such as dogs or donkeys.
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