Taking the political fight for animals to the NT: Animal Justice Party stood a candidate for the first time in the 2020 state election


In the Northern Territory election on 22 August 2020, the Animal Justice Party campaigned for:

  • stronger laws to protect animals from abuse and stronger punishments for people who hurt animals
  • a ban on puppy farms
  • more options for people with pets fleeing domestic violence
  • better regulations to lessen the suffering of birds and other animals who are hunted (in the absence of a complete ban on recreational hunting)
  • consideration of the impacts of animal agriculture on climate change
  • restrictions on the use of fireworks which cause harm to native wildlife and pets
  • better protections for the natural environment

Meet our candidate Shelley Landmark, who stood in the seat of Nightcliff

Hello, I’m Shelley

I’m a human rights lawyer and a passionate animal advocate.

I grew up with a single mum. We couldn’t afford housing. This meant that I had to give up my best friend – Holly, the dog who taught me the meaning of friendship. When we gave up Holly, I promised I’d never let another animal down.

Now, I fight for the most vulnerable. I fight for the underdog and I fight for basic protections for our environment and for animals.

In 2013, I set up Australia’s first legal centre dedicated to protecting animals. Now, I work in Darwin and across remote communities helping the most vulnerable.

I believe in a kinder style of politics. I believe in taking a sensible approach to decision making. I believe that together, we can make positive change.

A vote for me means a vote for kindness this election.


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