KinglakeThe Animal Justice Party has condemned the Victorian government’s decision to allow logging in the Acheron Valley despite warnings the forest is a habitat for native animals and endangered species.

To ignore scientific evidence that endangered animals reside in the forest shows little commitment by the government to environmental protection.  Instead, the government have continued a monopoly on logging from Victoria’s public forests through the state owned agency, VicForests.

The Animal Justice Party supports renewed calls for the Victorian Government to create a Great Forest National Park after the discovery of a dead koala in a logging coupe.

If the Andrews government established a 355,000-hectare protected forest from Kinglake to Mount Baw Baw and back to Eildon, they will contribute to the future survival of native animal populations, including endangered species like the Greater Gilders and Leadbeater Possum.  It is estimated the Great Forest National Park could attract 400,000 visitors, create 750 jobs and add more that $70 million to the local economy annually.

The Animal Justice Party believes humans can thrive without an adverse impact on wildlife and the environment through sustainable protected forests in Victoria.

The Victorian Government cannot continue to ignore the impact VicForest logging has on forests and native species.

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