Last year, Andy Meddick’s son accepted a casual two-week assignment with the United Firefighters Union. A job that he was tertiary qualified and had the relevant experience for. It is well known that Andy Meddick is a long-term unionist and Andy was proud of his son for securing this role on his own merits.

Andy has been a dedicated animal rights campaigner for many years, and heavily involved in the growth and development of the Party in Victoria and predominantly in Western Victoria, the region where he now holds a seat in the Legislative Council. In just 18 months Andy has taken huge steps forward for animals, holding the government to account and introducing bills to change legislation to stop animal cruelty.

As you would expect, the Party and Andy work closely together to ensure the legislation Andy supports is in line with Party policy and our values of kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence. After comprehensive assessment, and consultation with many firefighters across Victoria, Andy supported last year’s fire services reform.

The Animal Justice Party continues to have every confidence in Andy and is immensely proud and appreciative of his commitment to the Party and his dedication to protecting all animals.

Statement regarding article on Andy Meddick and Victorian Fire Services Reform Legislation
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