Tickets are now on sale for the official Animal Justice Party National Conference 2020.

Take advantage of our Early-Bird Special as this year we introduce our very first online conference, bringing you all the goodness of our usual annual conference in the convenience of your own home.

What can you expect?

This year our theme is simple but powerful: Politics Matters. 

We aim to cover every aspect of why politics is important for animals, and how we can inspire, educate, and motivate you to take action and help us towards our goal of more elected members nationwide.

One of the benefits of having our conference online this year is that it gives us access to international speakers from all around the globe! You can expect big updates from our elected MPs Andy Meddick, Emma Hurst and Mark Pearson, insights from our President and State Conveners, as well as inside information from other movers and shakers who are making real change for animals.

Find out more and book your tickets.

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