Three important results in the last week demonstrate the Animal Justice Party is on a successful roll to get better outcomes for animals in Australia.

While counting for the Senate in the Federal Election is continuing, the AJP will almost double its vote from the 2013 election to around 190,000.  The AJP increased its vote in every jurisdiction at the recent election. In Victoria the AJP is trending sixth out of 37 parties behind the three majors, Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.  We have the fifth highest percentage growth in votes in that state.  An excellent result and still in with a chance to pick up one of two remaining senate positions there.

In the lower house, the AJP obtained more than 4 percent of the vote in three seats (with one of these being close to 5 percent) and another four gained more than 3 percent. In many lower house seats we were the party with the fourth largest vote behind Labor, Liberal and the Greens. In some booths the AJP captured five and six percent of the vote. In several seats AJP preferences influenced the final outcome. Running candidates in the lower house is great for local brand recognition.

Over the coming weeks we will have an independent post-election review of all aspects of our structure and operation that will draw on the experiences of candidates and supporters as well as mining the available election result data.

Ever since an ABC Four Corners report on the greyhound racing industry,  the AJP has been campaigning nationally, including within the NSW Parliament and with other organisations, to ban the industry because of its gross animal cruelty. Following a special investigation into the industry by Justice Michael McHugh, NSW Premier Mike Baird announced that a ban on the industry would come into effect in NSW on 1 July 2017. The ACT Government announced it would also impose a ban on the greyhound racing industry.

Finally, at the end of last week the AJP gained registration as a political party in the ACT.  The AJP is now registered in four jurisdictions throughout Australia.  The AJP will compete in the elections for the ACT Legislative Assembly in October this year. It is also likely the AJP will stand candidates in local council elections later this year in NSW and Victoria.

Contact: Professor Steve Garlick, National President. 042 888 0564

More success for the AJP this week
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