Photo courtesy Coalition Against Duck Shooting
Photo courtesy Coalition Against Duck Shooting

Responding to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) decision to carry out water and sediment sampling for residual lead pollution on Victorian lakes used for duck hunting, Bruce Poon, National President of the Animal Justice Party (AJP) said the decision proves there is reason for concern over contamination from decades of duck shooting in the Victorian Wetlands.

The EPA advised, their staff would conduct testing in the field, based on the 2017 hunting reserves, including fifteen lakes in the Western District as well as further north to wetlands including Cairn Curran Reservoir.

According to Bruce Poon, “We are hopeful that any lead pellet contamination will be dealt with swiftly, with closure of affected hunting fields and prohibit all shooting on any lead contaminated wetland.”

“It is concerning there is indication that some hunters continue to use lead pellet despite a ban being in place,” said Mr Poon.

Scientific reports have shown that lead pellet can contaminate algae and molluscs with subsequent ingestion and poisoning of waterfowl.

The Animal Justice Party is hopeful the government will take the responsible action to close any lead contaminated waterways found by the EPA when they issue their report in August 2017.

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