The Animal Justice Party and the Australian Labor Party have agreed to work together to increase the production of plant-based food in Australia.

Professor Garlick, AJP President, said today: “Following discussion with us, the ALP in government has agreed to develop and expand initiatives which can maximise plant-based food production and expand these agricultural markets. This will be great for local investment and jobs.”

As a result of discussions with the AJP, the ALP Shadow Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Water, Mark Butler, has stated that a Labor Government would direct funding to support this approach, Professor Garlick said.

“Increasing the availability of plant based food stimulates non-lethal agriculture and horticulture,” he said.

“This is an alternative to an industry which presently involves cruel and unnecessary trafficking in live farm animals to far away countries inflicting immense suffering on Australian bred animals during the journey and frequently at the destination country.

Professor Garlick said that Mr Butler had said that Labor believed “in safeguarding animal welfare and promoting the ethical treatment of animals and lifting plant food productivity.” “This will be great for jobs, human health and ameliorating climate change”, said Professor Garlick.

“The AJP is opposed to trafficking live farm animals,” Professor Garlick said. ”It is an industry which exists only to generate a good rate of return for a small number of high worth individuals and institutions but which comes at the expense of animal cruelty, human health and local jobs. Successive Australian governments have encouraged this unnecessary and cruel industry.

Professor Garlick said, “The proposal by the AJP and the ALP to support investment in plant-based food is about ‘jobs and growth’; but in an ethical non-lethal industry. Our belief is that in the future, investment in the live trade industry will cease in favour of investment in a diverse, organic, non-lethal agriculture industry where the returns, the jobs and other benefits for us all will be greater.”

“A great deal of rhetoric by parties such as the Greens and some animal groups about banning the live trade in farm animals has achieved nothing for the animals for three decades.  They have had no real plan. This is not good enough. Now, thanks to the AJP, there is a plan to end this awful live trade industry which has become worse over the past decade.”

14 June 2016

Further information: Professor Steve Garlick, President: 042 888 0564

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