The Animal Justice Party today called for an end to the live animal export trade adding its voice to almost 80% of the Australian population, who recent surveys estimate oppose live export1.

AJP National President, Professor Steve Garlick said;” There is no moral or economic argument in support of this cruel trade.”

“The past week of revelations concerning the abuse of Australian live trade animals has been shocking. This litany of cruel behaviours cannot go on.

“Industry and government statements attempt to hide the fact that the industry is miniscule, brings little by way of economic return to the country and damages the reputation of our nation.2 “Live export is only worth one eighth of Australia’s boxed meat exports. Most farmer income in these situations (93%) is derived from crops and wool).

“Continuing revelations of animal abuse in the live animal export industry, whether it is the tens of thousands of animals that die at sea or the often horrific cruelty in arrival countries demonstrate that government claims that the sector is being regulated are not matched in practice. It is evident that neither of the major federal parties appears to have the will to regulate this trade in a humane way.”, “If the majority of Australians who oppose live trade want it stopped they need to support the AJP to gain a voice in parliament so it increase its strenuous efforts to stop this appalling trade.

Professor Garlick said that AJP policy was to establish an Independent Office of Animal Welfare. The ALP expressed its support of this in a letter to the AJP President last week.

The ALP had also backed the AJP’s concept of financial support for plant based industries in Australia. “We know there is at least $8.3 million available,” Professor Garlick said. “This is funding that the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has just announced he wants to spend funding Vietnam abattoirs so they can take even more live Australian animals for slaughter.

“This live export industry needs to be stopped and funds allocated to alternative industries in Australia like increased plant based industries, that employ Australian workers.

The struggle must go on but a vote for the AJP at this election is now very important.

Contact details: Professor Steve Garlick, National President 042 888 0564

Background summary

Animal Justice Party abhors Government cruelty actions

Australia exports over three million live animals every year. Cattle, sheep and goats are shipped long distances in distressing conditions which result in illness and death for a significant number. They are often slaughtered in countries without adequate protections against cruelty.

Most of the dreadful incidents regarding this terrible industry were not detected through the Labor or Liberal Government’s own monitoring systems. These incidents only came to light through investigations by non-government organisations. Labor and Liberal Australian government regulations are failing to prevent or detect cruelties in the live export trade.

Following years of evidence-based criticism of the cruelty of live animal exports, over recent days the need for urgent action has become even more evident.

Survey after survey tells us the Australian people want this industry to stop.

For the animals themselves, this cruel live export must stop.

Revelations over the last week show the only way to prevent the live export of animals is to vote for political parties which are committed to stopping the trade. The only political party which will do this is the Animal Justice Party.

Here is the most recent history of the situation:

  • Last week (June 15) saw the terrible images shown on the ABC’s 7.30 report about Vietnam abattoirs.
  • Soon after was the revelation that cattle export industry representatives called for less regulation about the wellbeing of animals on the basis that these regulations allegedly limited Australia’s economic benefit.
  • On Wednesday June 22nd came the revelation concerning the expert veterinarian Dr Lynn Simpson being removed from her job by the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture because she revealed the cruelty of existing transport conditions for live export animals. The Commonwealth Department had allegedly received complaints from Industry about the
  • potentially damaging impact of a report as critical as hers.
  • On Thursday June 23rd the Deputy Prime Minister announced $8.3 million dollars to Vietnamese abattoirs.This litany of support for animal terror has demonstrated a number of important things.
  • evidence of cruelty is not enough to make any government of the major political parties stop the trade
  • revelations of the cruelty of the trade can lead to moves to remove the source of this information from employment
  • the so-called economic benefit to the country is miniscule, as is the number of farmers involved, as Live export is only worth one eighth of Australia’s boxed meat exports. Most farmer income in these situations (93%) is derived from crops and wool).

The AJP has strenuously pushed for an Independent office of Animal Welfare as part of Commonwealth Government arrangements to combat the ferocity of vested interests.

The AJP has developed an agreement with the ALP that establishing an Independent Office of Animal Welfare is a necessary one and one which is to be implemented if the ALP governs the country.

Moreover the AJP has addressed the economic issues of transition away from live animal exports through an agreement with the ALP to fund the development of plant- based agriculture .

Voters and all animal focussed organisations who are truly sick of the corruption of public process around animal wellbeing should support the AJP in its vigorous campaign to stop live animal exports.

Support statements can be found on:

  • https://www.voiceless.org.au/the-issues/live-export
  • Backlash – Australia’s conflict of values over live Exports – Bidda Jones

[1] Lonergan Research, WSPA Live Export Study Report (2012) 4-6 Quoted on Voiceless web site

The Age June 24: Opinion poll after opinion poll shows most of us want the bloody business of live animal exports stopped. It’s our political leaders who are looking the other way. Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/comment/arguments-for-live-export-trade-ring-hollow-20160331-gnuss0.html#ixzz4CSmHP6Zr

2 Live export represents just 0.4% of Australia’s total exports, while chilled meat trade is already worth 12 times more to our economy than the live trade for slaughter. In 2013. Most farmers don’t live export. Just 6% of cattle and 7% of sheep raised for slaughter in Australia last year actually went into the live export trade, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.




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