The Animal Justice Party of Australia condemns the actions of contractors employed by the Forestry Commission of NSW in burying alive up to 150 free-living bare-nosed wombats in the Glenbog State Forest in South-East NSW last week.

loggers intentionally bury wombats alive
Ray Wynan is doing plenty of whinin’ about the way these cute little furry guys were treated by loggers. We’re with you, Ray. Pic: The Glenbog Blog Source: NewsComAu

Despite being fully advised of the specific location of every wombat burrow in the Glenbog State Forest by highly experienced wombat rehabilitators, the contractors ignored the advice, hid the evidence of the advice, and intentionally graded over the homes of these iconic animals. Imagine the horror of being buried alive in your own home.

The AJP calls on the RSPCA and the National Parks and Wildlife Service of NSW to carry out a full investigation into this matter. Heavy fines and convictions should occur for the contractors should they be found to be negligent. A case should be brought before the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) against the Forestry Commission of the NSW Government should it be found to be negligent in its actions in this matter.

Location of all the burrows clearly marked
The Wynans marked wombat burrows on GPS. This shows just how wombatty the Glenbog Forest is. Pic: The Glenbog Blog Source: NewsComAu

AJP President Professor Steve Garlick said “This is just another example of the total disregard for Australia’s iconic wildlife by the NSW Coalition Government. The ALP and the Greens similarly have for many years ignored the plight of Australia’s wildlife. All of these parties have supported the largest land-based wildlife slaughter on the planet in their support of the kangaroo killing industry.”

The Animal Justice Party will be standing candidates in the March 2015 NSW election and will highlight the policies and practices of the three main parties in causing harm to Australia’s wildlife.

The AJP’s policies on wildlife, including wombats, can be found at animaljusticeparty.org

Media Enquiries:
Professor Steve Garlick
Email: president@animaljusticeparty.org
Phone: 0428880564

AJP Condemns Glenbog State Forest Wombat Massacre

logging makes it hard for echidnas too
It was a bad day for echidnas too… Pic: The Glenbog Blog Source: NewsComAu
AJP Condemns Glenbog State Forest Wombat Massacre
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