Animal Justice Party launch their local election campaign at the notorious @Pets Melbourne Central

melbourne-central-petsOn the eve of World Animal Day, Animal Justice Party used the opportunity of their campaign launch to draw attention to the shocking condition of companion animals including fish in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Sick and dying animals have been witnessed suffering in glass cages and tubs for years and nothing effective to address the heart of the issue is being done. Small fish languish, almost lifeless in pools of water no larger than a teacup.

AJP candidates Bethwyn Mell for Darebin, Ben Schultz for Port Phillip Canal Ward and Bruce Poon for City of Melbourne, all plan to gain councillor positions to improve the lives of non-human and human animals at the local level.

“The Chinese diaspora, and Chinatown in particular, have added much to Melbourne throughout its history, and everyone appreciates the diversity of food available there for all to enjoy. But animal cruelty and environmental destruction cannot be the cost. Council should ban the display of live animals in restaurants, enforce laws against the illegal serving of still-live animals as food, and ban the sale of imported and locally harvested shark fins for soup. The ‘finning’ and dumping of sharks results in enormous suffering of animals, is dangerous to human health, and is of serious concern to the survival of our oceans …we need to play our part in stopping it.” Says Poon

Banning the sale of all live animals, ensuring registration fees contribute to higher de-sexing rates and initiatives to end the killing of healthy companion animals, support for wildlife protection and rescue initiatives, promotion of healthy eating programs for schools and communities, the banning of horse-drawn carriages from our streets, ending discrimination against tenants with companion animals and creating plastic-free communities are just some of the many areas the Animal Justice Party know they can have direct positive influence for all the individuals who live in our community.

“We are only now coming to terms with the impact on the natural environment that plastics are having. Plastic bags choking our drains and entangling wildlife. Microplastics entering the ocean food chain. We have suitable alternatives available today to reduce our consumption of disposable plastics to zero. Around the world towns, cities and whole countries are outlawing disposable plastics. The City of Port Phillip has everything to gain by aiming to be a disposable plastic free community and effective local by-laws can often inspire change on a state and national level.” says Schultz

We stand for a sustainable, healthy and thriving community through implementing our core values of kindness, rationality, equality and non-violence in all council decision making.

Please visit http://www.ajpvic.org.au/2016_local_victorian_election for more information on AJP and our local candidates.

Media enquiries –
kristin.bacon@ajpvic.org.au 0434 083 635 
bruce.poon@ajpvic.org.au 0400 248 226

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