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To comply with various state-based restrictions, the Animal Justice Party will not accept donations from “prohibited donors”, i.e. a property developer; a tobacco industry business entity; a liquor or gambling industry business entity; any industry representative organisation if the majority of its members are such prohibited donors; or a close associate of a prohibited donor. Serious penalties apply to you and the AJP including fines or imprisonment for breaching these bans. By donating, you confirm that you are NOT a prohibited donor. If you are unsure, contact your local electoral commission or local AJP branch. By law we must also refuse anonymous and overseas donations.

For Queensland Donors
By law, we require your name and address to receive a donation. Anonymous donations and overseas donations are not permitted. Donations over $1000 must be disclosed to the Electoral Commission Queensland. For local government, the disclosure threshold is $500. Queensland law prohibits donations from property developers, related bodies corporate, close associates and property development industry representative organisations. By donating, you confirm that you are not a prohibited donor under the Electoral Act. Serious penalties apply to both the donor and recipient, including financial penalties or imprisonment for breaching this ban.

For Victorian Donors
From 1st July 2020, donations made via this National website are channelled into our general account which we use to fund our federal election campaigns. Donations to the 2020 Council Elections & 2022 Victorian State Election are subject the donations caps and disclosure thresholds. Please get in touch with the team in Victoria if you wish to donate to the Council or State Election campaign – 0420 403 213 / info@ajpvic.org.au

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