While its still too early to conclude final results, its clear from what we know now that the Animal Justice Party has done remarkably well in its very first Victorian election.

Our vote in the upper house has more than doubled in the 15 months since the Federal Senate election in Victoria giving us either eighth or ninth ranking in vote numbers. Given the closeness in votes to other small parties there is a real prospect, given our trend, of jumping to fifth by the time of the next federal election. An elected representative in the upper house is but a matter of time. Some of the parties we are leapfrogging have been around for a long time and some have bags of money. The AJP, on the other hand, will get there with pure passion and an unflinching commitment to do all we can for all the animals that continue to be in severe distress every day in this country.

In the lower house we demonstrated in the seats we competed in that we can run a clear fourth behind the three major parties. More than this, we have shown that with a strategic approach we can determine the outcome of who wins a seat and who doesn’t. Given this impressive showing we will stand candidates in more lower house seats in future elections.

Congratulations to the 25 AJP candidates that stood in the election and to their Victorian team of supporters.

Great Result for the AJP in the Victorian Election
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