The Animal Justice Party is an Australian political party for ALL animals - human and non-human. Our vision is for a better life for all of us. Our interdependence with other animals makes this essential not only for them but also for us.

It's tough trying to compete with the major parties, all of which enjoy substantial public funding. The Animal Justice Party relies on the generosity of the animal lovers of Australia to fund our operations.

For too losupport-the-ajpng, animal protection has been ignored by a succession of governments. Live exports are at an all-time high; billions of animals continue to be abused in factory farms; animal "welfare" is being monitored by those who profit from the very practices they are overseeing; and our record of wildlife slaughter is the worst in the world.

We already have three Members of Parliament. Mark Peason was elected to the NSW Legislative Council (Upper House) in 2015, Andy Meddick to the Victorian Legislative Council (Upper House) in 2018 and Emma Hurst became our 2nd NSW Member of the Legislative Council in 2019. With enough money to spread our message far and wide, we have a real chance of having more AJP candidates elected into different levels of government. With that kind of power we can achieve great things.

Donate today and help us create a kinder world for animals.

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